Tree Trimming

Maintaining Healthy Trees

West Boca Lawn is ready to assist you with all of your tree trimming, tree removal, and tree care needs. Whether your landscape has new trees, mature trees or both, proper tree care is an essential part of developing and maintaining the safety, health, and beauty of your home’s most valuable assets. The USDA Forest Service says, “Healthy, mature trees add an average of 10 percent to a property’s value.”

Benefits of Tree Mangement:

  • Provide shade for your home, lawn, and landscape
  • Improve the value of your property
  • Are the centerpiece of a beautiful residential landscape                           


Professional tree trimming is essential for healthy trees. Dying or dead branches, over growth, and interference (when one tree grows around and/or through another) can cause health issues and weaken trees.

Tree Pruning: Certain trees, especially fruit trees, should only be pruned during the dormant season. Dormant pruning is also the best way to minimize emergency storm damage from thunderstorms or hurricanes.

Tree pruning trains young trees to mature into a well-shaped and healthy part of your yard’s landscape. Tree pruning also helps prevent corrective tree services, which can be expensive and unexpected. A full, healthy crown and strong, well-placed branches minimize the risk of emergency storm damage to the tree and anything below and around it (such as people or property).

Tree thinning: A popular service done for both for the health of a tree and for the appearance. This service can greatly improve the looks of your property and home and we almost always recommend this type of trimming for over crowning. Thinning a tree involves removing the inside growth that crowds the crown of a tree. This service usually includes removing any dead-wood the tree has. It allows air and sunshine to pass through the tree better. Therefore it makes the tree less likely to fall over in heavy winds as well as allowing more sun on your grass.